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This is the exact reason why the first thing I do for a friends computer is installing adblock on chrome.

As an aside, I wonder how prevalent the adware would be when searching for "download chrome"?

This. For all that people handwring about "Won't somebody please think of our ad revenue!", I consider installing some kind of adblocker more or less a standard safety measure for the web. A huge volume of browser-vectored malware comes from bad ad clicks, and even I've made a mistake or two in the past clicking on bogus download buttons and the like.

┬ÁBlock is especially good for this as some of the lists have additional rules specifically targeting malware sources, and it can block things like actual script tags and such instead of just hosts.

And it's not like people with ad blockers would lead to ROI, anyway.

people defending ad blockers tend to say this, but that's not true. As much effort in advertisement is about validating your product as it is about selling it. No one buys a BMW from an online ad, but yet here it is! http://i.imgur.com/QCDc2gl.png

Well it's not there to sell cars so much as it is to say to the public "BMW are valid cars"

So just having the advertisement get seen is what's important to them. At least that's my understanding. Evaluate the argument for yourself: http://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/14y695/el...

It's also another reason I filter ad's. I'm afraid they will manipulate the way I think.

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