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Show HN: Httphub – The most essential backend for applications and devices (httphub.com)
41 points by httphub on Jan 13, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 30 comments

This looks great for a key-value online storage, but I'm afraid of using it anything other than testing purposes. I don't know how long it will last :(

Um, "When something isn't good, you needn't pretend that it is. But don't be gratuitously negative." Can you give any feedback about how you are going to sustain a "give people gigabytes of free storage" model long term? Cause that sounds frankly insane, and the idea of relying on this for anything other then testing and PoC is extremely risky. You have no way of guaranteeing that it will stay online or even free, and any decent programmer should understand the risks involved.

Storage is pretty cheap nowadays. I am curious about the business model too but 3GB really isnt much anymore.

And? There's no way I'd build an app on a platform like this without knowing what the future of it will be. Storage is cheap is no excuse for "Oh, we're gonna start charging $10 a month for that plan, so you'll have to start paying for what your app on the apple app store is using. Have fun switching to something else or start paying"

The point is not the 3Gb of space. We will offer plans with more space and unshared/guaranteed network capacity.

The real question is: Httphub may be a valid alternative for those who don't need a super featured backend ?

I think the issue people are having is that this is a neat idea and absolutely could be a good tool for a basic backend, but they want to know that you'll be around a year from now and that you won't be making big pricing changes that will trap them.

Sure, we know. We must work to improve the product and build its reputation, which should not be made of promises but of facts. Surely it will take time to have full confidence by our users.

I'd actually love something like this, but flipped. A user could go somewhere and spend a buck a month for a 1gb httphub-type account, then feed that info(via qr code or whatever) into various apps. Boom, instant cloud storage, but you have control over all your own data, and you could possibly even host the httphub on your own vps or your own hardware.

These are pretty generous limits. What's your plan for paying for it?

Primary use case will be to use as a mobile App backend.

Please share if you think of any other use cases.

Demo is not working with provided username/pass . anybody finding the same issue?

Fixing. Fixed.

Detail: [Enter] after giving my email, upon registration, does not trigger the 'Register me' button.

javascript enabled ?

Yes. Firefox 34.0.5

Go to website and select Firefox->Web Developer->Web Console. Errors ?

Is this open source? What language is it built on, which database does it use?

no, it is not open php + pgsql

Interesting. No mention of what the abuse policy is ...

Soon, of course :) Next few hours.

Speaking of policies, what about the data policy? For example, I would have to comply with the EU Data Protection Directive for anything I do where I handle data from users.

Since you don't have any info about this, I don't know if I would even be able to use your service.




Looks cool. Essentially an online key-value store.

Exactly, url-value storage :)

Pretty cool. Whats a use case for this tool?

When you need a place to store-share your app data without too much effort

why is there a limit on characters for passwords....

Raised to 256 Chars

Great, but why is there a limit in the first place? It implies you're not hashing passwords.

Good password hashing functions will not be much impacted by password length. If you stores the password with 128 bit (salted and key-stretched) hash, there's no gain in allowing passwords longer than 64 characters. Basically, limit the size of input parameters helps preventing DOS and Buffer Overflows.

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