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I stopped trusting Microsoft installers when Windows Update listed the Bing Desktop as a Critical Update.

The accusation has been around for a while and is not true.[1] Amazing how the story has morphed from "Optional Update" to "Critical" in 1 year's time. And it just sounds untrue. Why would you believe that?

[1] http://www.dasmirnov.net/blog/bing-desktop-won-t-be

In the off chance you ever come back to read this, this is my bad.

I never saw any articles about it at the time. I just remember it always being in my Windows Update list and I was sick of it. Windows Update in my mind should generally be for OS and software updates, and not for software that Microsoft is looking to push.

Which is funny, because I'm a Windows guy who works in the Microsoft stack.

I really would like to know when that happened.

It never did. It's always been an optional update.

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