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Addendum: I save a ninite.com installer to their desktops, renaming it to `Run this every Wednesday`. If they see any `You need to update Flash Player` dialogues, I advise them to close them and only run the desktop icon - this in and of itself saves most people from reinfection.

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I cannot say enough about ninite. They are brilliant. I moved to the Mac a year ago, and I miss it dearly. I wish they had a Mac version. It's so convenient. And safe. And easy. I paid them for something just because I wanted them to be successful. Single best product I used on Windows!

That's so nice to hear. Thank you!

I'd love to make a Mac version someday, but the problems are so much worse on Windows so we're focusing there.

Wow, the co-found of ninite :D

I can't thank you enough! That program is _always_ the absolute first i download on every windows machine, period.

I think i've told all my friend about ninite by now, and everyone is super impressed.

Would you care to elaborate on how it works? do you download from each software homepage, or do you constantly have to download latests versions and then serve from your own server?

Any way you could make a free or cheap one-time pay, for a version that can use a private server to host, and then deliver programs to it this way.

Wouldn't homebrew-cask be helpful with this? It's basically homebrew for apps. Haven't tried it yet, but I always wanted to start using it with my next clean install/mac purchase.


Hmm, interesting. I'll check it out, thanks.

Have you tried GetMacApps? http://www.getmacapps.com/ I have a coworker who uses it, and it seems to be exactly like a Ninite for Mac.

I hadn't seen that. Thanks. What I was talking about above is the updater, which doesn't have an analog, AFAIK.

Adobe forced ninite to remove the Flash installer, so that won't help. You can set Flash to auto-update in Control Panel > Flash Player > Advanced > Automatic Updates. (I've heard it's more complex in Win8 though.)

Late edit: The only place you can reliably get unbundled Flash installers (without the toolbar crap) is here: https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.htm...

This is a brilliant idea.

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