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An excessive list of free services for open source projects
23 points by velikan 1068 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments
Does anyone know some of this?

Comments are welcomed! Let's make our own list of free for open source services!

IMPORTANT. Like @dewey proposed - this will be in standalone GitHub repository. Pull requests welcome!


I mean like:

- - - - - Version Control - - - - -

BitBucket (https://bitbucket.org/) - free for open source and private repositories

GitHub (https://github.com/) - free for open source repositories, paid for private repositories

- - - - - Continuous Integration - - - - -

AppVeyor (http://www.appveyor.com/) - Continuous Integration for .NET

Coveralls (https://coveralls.io/) - Code Coverage History

Scrutinizer (https://scrutinizer-ci.com/)

Semaphore - (https://semaphoreapp.com/)

Travis CI (https://travis-ci.org/)

- - - - - Translating - - - - -

Crowdin (https://crowdin.com/) - need to request subscription

- - - - - Profiling - - - - -

YourKit (http://www.yourkit.com/) - Java Profiler

- - - - - E-mail Sending - - - - -

MailChimp (http://mailchimp.com/) - free for 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers

Maybe this would work better with a repository on GitHub where people could add services via pull requests or issues?

Or a wiki page at github is even better

BitBucket (https://bitbucket.org/) - Version Control - totally free for open source projects

JetBrains has their entire library of tools (excellent IDE's like IntelliJ, RubyMine, etc) free for open source projects. It requires you email them for approval, but the process is quick and painless.


Helpmonks (http://helpmonks.com) - Team Email Management. Simplified. - Free for open source projects and non-profit organizations.

Razuna (http://razuna.org) - most popular open source Digital Asset Management

@nitai, is razuna free for open source projects or just has 30-day trial for all users?

https://semaphoreapp.com - CI

https://coveralls.io/ - code coverage history and various stats

http://www.appveyor.com/ - CI for .NET

All of this is available here:


I just did a quick search for what you asked and this site seems to provide everything you are looking for.

Avoid the Not-Invented-Here syndrome (or don't if you'd prefer not to).

nope, it's hard to search for free for open source services it's really not invented anywhere

YourKit gives licenses to developers of "non-commercial Open Source projects, with an established and active community" http://www.yourkit.com/purchase/

Bitrise (http://www.bitrise.io/) - Continuous Integration for mobile - free for small teams

Drone.io is cool, and free for open source projects too: (https://drone.io/pricing)

yep, added to repository

You should point out that many of these are _github_ only. Horrible if you are a OSS developer but don't use that platform.

@SuddsMcDuff, will include this in the repository it has some, but has not someā€¦

@SuddsMcDuff, it looks like this repo is dead :( 2 years ago, meh

The last commit was Nov 5th, 2014 - a merged pull request :)

we'll make our own list with black jack and hookaz)

oh, yep, sorry, 2 months :)

@dewey, you're perfectly right!

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