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What happens traffic wise when a post hits #1 on Hacker News? Here are my stats (purde.net)
28 points by standrews on Jan 12, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Did you take any special measures for protecting your blog, like caching ? Or are you running beefy enough hardware ?

I was able to get hold of my hosting provider (virtuaal.com) and upgrade to their biggest package in about 15 mins.

Looking forward to the 'What happens when a post about a post that hits #1 on Hacker News, hits #1 on Hacker News?' post.

great idea :)

Ty for sharing. Tiny FYI, on mobile the sidebar, even while collapsed, is distracting. Thankfully there is reader view.

Indeed, need to update that theme.. Glad the reader view is there.

"ie. my Mom and a dozen bots" in the graph is priceless.

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