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Good work, would be great if both partners could submit their answers online separately, which then generates a page where they can compare the results together.

You're missing the point - this is something that is done on a date as a sorta really long icebreaker that tells you right away if this person is someone you could spend a lot of time with, this replaces those awkward first date questions because neither one of you has to think them up, they're someone else's and you're just "following the rules" but at the same time they're a fun thing to do.

I'm thinking of including an easter egg that unlocks a slide saying "Kiss each other" after the eye gazing ;)

Ah yes, my favorite call-to-action.

Added... http://imgur.com/6mI0NzN Let me know if you find it ;)

That would completely defeat the object. The point of this exercise is not the transfer of information, but the practice of intimacy.

Curious if there is an application for LD relationships.. Surely you could do this over facetime with a lover. Would be an interesting study actually, and fairly easy to design.

Could you simulate intimacy with a bot? Simply ask these questions and give feedback like you are listening and when asked questions, have some scripted responses.

Maybe a plugin for Siri :)

LD relationships, at this point, are not much different to F2F relationships, in my experience. If anything, the use of asynch comms (meeting via PMs, for example), means that conversations get to intimate details faster, because people involved have a little more time to be the person they want to be, rather than a jibbering bag of dating nerves. Less of that underlying ambience of subdued panic, that is common in F2F dating.

You could absolutely simulate intimacy, yes. But it would be as satisfying and useful as a digital ice-cream simulation.

The point is for folks to do it in person -- as an in person game. I figured people could fire up an iphone while at dinner and play. But would be cool to be able to invite your partner for an online only version.

Perhaps I could have people chose to play online or play in person.

Yeah, definitely keep how it currently works but the ability to do it separately too would be neat.

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