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Thank you for this! I can't help but think that this benefits your company and your company's image in the long run as well.

I had a very promising half-day interview several years ago with a company I really liked and got nothing at all. Not even a "you're not being hired."

I sent the obligatory thank-you email the day after the interview and sent a polite "just checking in" email a couple weeks later. A few weeks after that I wrote and asked if he had any feedback or suggestions on things I might improve upon if I wanted to work for them in the future.

Now obviously, the hiring lead's obligation is to his employer and not some guy looking for a job. Not his job to be my career mentor.

But I'm an experienced developer, and I'm certain that I did well in all parts of the interview except one. With some additional experience in that area there's a very good chance I could have been a good contributor to their team - in a market that has a shortage of experienced developers.

So, on my most recent job search, I didn't even think about re-applying to that company. In a region where companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to tech recruiters for anything even remotely resembling experienced developers, maybe it's worth spending (literally) a few minutes maintaining at least a cursory relationship with those you didn't hire - but might like to someday.

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