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A person is not out to get you. People collectively are. That is, that one person who sues you out of a literal thousand candidates will on their own still create enough of a stink that you'll do what you can to never have it happen again. There's no way to avoid this and retain the capability for lawsuits to cause actual damage, either. You can't have it all every way which around.

If you prioritize, or allow to be prioritized for you, the health of a fictitious entity such as a corporation over the nine hundred and ninety nine people who just want to know how to be better equipped to get a job so they can survive, I don't really think your fictitious entity deserves its survival.

Do what's right, not what's safe.

There is nothing fictitious about the capital, and means of making a living, lost from a lawsuit that a corporation loses. Legal abstractions like corporations represent people's property.

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