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As a CS student who's still not very confident in his skills and without enough experience to recognize his own weak spots, I would say that "you understand X's language well, but you need to improve your knowledge of algorithms and data structures" or "you have a good theoretical understanding X and Y Computer Science concepts but you need to work on side projects to gain programming experience" or "you have shallow understanding of a lot of languages/technologies but I advice you to concentrate on X or Y until you become good at them instead of jumping between L/T".

I know that very few employers would take the risk to be so frank but I personally wish they were. It would be helpful to the candidates who actually care about improving their knowledge and skills while potentially offending those who are trying to fake it.

I'm not talking about that...I'm talking about people who are confused about things learned in CS101. I am assuming you can program FizzBuzz.

"For this job, writing a simple function like this with one for loop should be something you can do without thinking about it."

I've told candidates variants on that theme before.

Very good! I guess I just let my negativity get the best of me in frustration and doesn't make me think in a positive manner.

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