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And arguably in some respects this was a unicorn hunt amounting to making people jump through even stupider than usual hoops (responding with a 500 page manual!) to prove their aptitude for learning. I'm surprised that, to the extent I can make it out from rather small pictures, the applicants don't appear to be in the sort of age bracket generally associated with unpaid internships...

Difference is, it balanced an unusually onerous assessment with the unusual reward of a de facto guarantee that anyone persistent and smart enough to get through it all would get a job at the end. I hope it paid as well as they presumably thought it would.

There are a few companies out there with a desire to build an ecosystem on obscure or unproven technology that could and probably should experiment with elements of this as a hiring strategy. Getting the class to vote on who gets the [first] jobs is particularly neat; it both selects the most effective team member(s) and leaves the rest with the impression they weren't ruled out of contention by the hiring manager and therefore shouldn't be deterred from reapplying in future

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