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weired in my old greek lessons it was already said to be the motto of Athen. http://chs.harvard.edu/CHS/article/display/3824

Maybe Zappata went to school and studied the story of Athen?

Did you mean to link to a different page? That one doesn't have anything like the Zapata quote.

There is not the Zappata quote, but it still seems relevant :

"Finally, for the Homeric hero, aretĂȘ consisted of a set of qualities clustered around the readiness to fight a beautiful war and die a beautiful death."

"preferring to die in their own land rather than live to dwell in that of others"

This has surely been a widespread meme for some time. The quote triggered for me a recollection of the Metallica lines:

  Living on your knees, conformity
  Or dying on your feet for honesty

Cars and mortgages... the Greeks sure were really ahead of their time.

Edit: Yeah sure, downvote me instead of the guy that is posting nonsense...

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