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Just a small precision (I am French and following media closely):

- Two people assaulted the office, and killed 10, wounded 11 (4 of which considered critical).

- They furthermore killed 2 police officers on their way out, one of them point blank as he lay wounded and was asking for mercy (do yourself a favor and don't look at that witness video. I mean it. NSFL).

- They are on the loose and are reported armed with automatic weapons and a rocket launcher. No kidding.

- Their car was found in a suburban ghetto (Pantin, in Seine-saint-denis)

Sorry for the gory details.

It's important to also note that they have killed four of the main illustrators of the paper. It will be very hard for them to overcome that.

However, the others french papers are trying to help the redaction, so maybe Charlie will live.

It will probably survive, actually. Many people will buy the journal in the next few weeks, even if they never read it before. There are many talentuous cartoonists that can help for a few months if needed. And even without that, how could the French government let that journal fail in the next weeks ? It would be a very negative symbol; that would mean "they" won.

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