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Can you do touch screen over HDMI?

I know a tv can send back commands from e.g. the remote control over HDMI, it really is bidirectional communication, but I wouldn't know whether it's good enough for something like touchscreen.

Well you can do 100Mbps Ethernet over HDMI 1.4 with a compatible cable, so I don't see why it would be technically impossible. The question is, can this stick do it?

it read somewhere that it can keep up to 10 different connection/devices, I think over CEC.

There are various comm protocols


No. Touch screen monitors with HDMI need another channel, usually a USB port, to send touch events. In theory, I guess you could send events over DDC, but then you're gonna have to get video driver makers involved, make sure that the spec you choose doesn't cause existing drivers to puke, etc.

On the picture there's a USB port, probably you will be able to use it to send touch events.

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