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You probably don't want to see the unminified source. He has reimplemented CSS as well as ASCII conversion in JavaScript. Oh, and he's mutilating prototypes left and right with extremely necessary functions like

  HTMLElement.prototype.add = function (a) {
There's code for asymmetric encryption and some sort of mail client buried in there... As well as a very faithful almost-Bash parser... and I can't for the life of me find where `ls`, `ln`, and `pwd` are executing from. Because this terminal has them apparently.

A lot of work was put into this, a lot of very interesting work. But I feel like a lot of this could be done a little more easily now with the invention of Emscripten... and even then, why would we have native apps ported to JS when we could just have JS apps?

If you have some free time, pop open the Chrome Devtools and click the Sources tab, paste that JS right into http://jsbeautifier.org/. It is truly interesting. Just don't know if I'd have written it myself.

I feel like UNIX works well enough right where it is. And if you really need a true UNIX in-browser, http://bellard.org/jslinux/ can help you out.

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