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Germany/Netherlands - REMOTE - Apply at http://nlcollect-bv.workable.com/jobs/7652

ClubCollect has created a service for sports clubs and other organizations to make invoicing of club members a breeze. Invoicing, reminding, online payments: everything is processed via ClubCollect. Since we're entering the German market we're looking for a developer who is proficient in German (speaking & writing). Reason: ability to discuss API interfaces with German developers of external accounting systems and perfecting the localization of ClubCollect.

We're a small team (just eight people), we love remote working but we also like to get together for beers and a great dinner.

ClubCollect is built in Ruby (+ Ruby on Rails) and JavaScript (+ jQuery). We value simplicity, creative solutions, and the ability to get things done. You will have the opportunity to contribute to all areas of our code base.

- B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience (proven ability matters more to us than degrees) - Fluent in at least one dynamically-typed, object-oriented language (e.g. Ruby, Python) - Several years experience with a modern web framework such as Rails or Django

@recruiters: please don't contact us, we're not interested.

lol, the german post is the only one mentioning a degree.

It's a good thing strict CS degree requirement is dying down. Hopefully we'd reach a time where companies automate how they find a fitting candidate. This is how I envision the system:

* A test on the core technologies, programming languages and paradigms the company uses.

* Test can be taken over a period of time, say 6 months maximum.

* The system is able to recommend questions that really identifies people good at a particular thing.

* The system is able to recommend books and other resources for job applicants.

* As an applicant, starting a test is only a declaration of intent to work at a certain company or related (in terms of core tech, etc) ones.

Maybe there are products like that already or are in the making. It'd be a more useful job application process. Otherwise I'd be happy to join anyone build it.

To clarify, I think a degree requirement is a bad thing, even if I have one.

Even if it isn't mandatory, since a person without a degree may not know what a specific degree implies.

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