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It goes to the Startup Foundation, an independent non-profit supporting founders building more successful startups, of which I am the Chairman.

#startup is our latest initiative, but we're working on a progress report tool (enabling founder to give peer feedback and to report to investors and coaches).

We also have a weekender format like Startup Weekend or Lean Startup Machine, which we have done 10 of to date and will roll out in 2015. Next to that we have an incubator in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and a big meetup group for that city.

Our goal is that all of our initiatives generate surplus revenue to be able to roll out new initiatives and improve existing ones.

But for #startup, it is also a great way to find out who is motivated to get in and contribute. Most of the contributions are actually from people who have heard about what it is like on the inside.

You see, we normally get tens of applications per day, and some people just want to get in ASAP. This way they can, without us having to screen everyone that wants to get in directly.

Now that we're on PH, HN, Reddit and Betalist, we've got hundreds of applications just today. And we will screen them all, so it might take a week to get in.

+ not every motivation is good enough to get in, cash tells us you are at least slightly dedicated.

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