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I was ready to donate the €10 but found it just wants me to enter credit card details onto the application form and I was on a non-https page. It said it uses Stripe but it's tricky to tell if that's really the case (I don't believe there's bad intent here at all, but the UX for taking the payment doesn't inspire confidence).

We've heard this once before. And I totally get the concern. I'll make sure someone at Typeform hears about this, as they are on #startups. We'll embed stripe checkout on the homepage soon I guess. Thanks.

Great idea with #Startup, guys! An insecure HTTP address is a concern though, which gave me a bit of a pause --- the developer in me speaks here --- although it's great a TypeForm page is offered at the bottom of the "Apply" panel (except it's not easy to notice; maybe a bigger font or highlight color will do the trick)... I believe an HTTPS-hosted page will do wonders, guys! :)

I have a Typeform account so I'm going to have a look at how it works :-) Assuming it's all good, I'll be back, because the ultimate idea sounds very appealing.

The form is hosted on Typeform which is served over https. But since it is embedded via an iframe, the secure connection is not communicated to the user by the browser.

So your data is safe, however, I do agree that https for hashtagstartup.co would clear up the confusion.

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