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lol. let me call you the waaaaaambulance.

I get what you're saying, but its still fair to call it a hashtag, and for them to call it hashtagstartup.

How is it fair? It makes no sense at all and just reminds me of kids growing up with Twitter calling that character hashtag regardless of context.

Solid hacker news etiquette there, by the way.

Why those young whippersnapper, outrageous, why back in my day at we called it the Octothorp, which sounds like a good and proper syntactic mark.

Also, what if their name has nothing to do with slack? what if they called it hashtagstartup because thats the topic, and what you would tag it with?

The context is chat channels, your hypothethical sounds like it would make for a weak retroactive excuse for a poorly considered name.

Its fair because people identify # as "hashtag" anyway. "poundstartup" has a more questionable ring to it.

Also, you get what you dish out. Saying its "dumb" is what earned you the 15 year old in me. had you said something like "i disagree with their use of the word hashtag" it would have given an entirely different tone, don't you think?

It would be hash startup, not pound startup. Have you ever spoken an IRC channel name before?

Please don't be personally abrasive on Hacker News, even when other people seem not to know what they're talking about.

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