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Pretty cool! I just signed up. I think its an interesting line of dialog to have going in the background, and am hopeful it will make the path to starting and running a startup clearer for me.

The signup process is kinda neat, but some of the questions made me go "errr..."

edit: i see they(you?) use typeform for the signup form; never heard of them before, but pretty neat!

Which made you go "errr..."? We try to get an idea of who a person is. Also, if they have founders in their network, or if they are just lazy and skip questions ;-)

All of the questions around "What can you bring to #startup?" or "What do you want from #startup" or "What #startup founder do you want to connect with" fell extremely flat with me - I abandoned the form.

I'm on the page because you posted it here, on HN, and I started the flow because the premise seemed interesting, and I have a startup. I don't have any goals, and frankly, the pitch made it sound like more value would be flowing from the community to me. I don't have goals I need met from #startup because I have no idea what it will be like.

Those questions made it seem like you guys are just in it for a PR grab or a pivot into an incubator, which I am absolutely not interested in at all.

We know it's a ton of questions, and not all of them are very important. But the goal here is to separate those who are truly motivated from those who will come in and just lurk, self promote or scout.

I'm sorry if you think we have some hidden agenda, which is certainly not the case as screening the applications is an extreme amount of work. The way the application is set up we will also have a lot less applications being submitted, which is a nice side effect as we already have hundreds waiting.

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