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I had the big kit. It was one of the most awesome toys. I looked into buying one again but there seem to be a lot of poor reviews of the newer versions. They don't make them like they used to, and the old versions are pricey retro items. I thought about 3D printing something similar, but for the amount of time involved it's worth it to buy the real thing.

Also I wouldn't recommend buying a used set. The joints can't hold two pieces together after some time.

From what I remember as a kid, they'd develop little cracks along the facets of the connectors, which killed the friction that keeps everything stuck together.

Exactly, these cracks are made when disassembling models, sometimes is very hard to remove the connector

That's one thing I can say for Robotix: the pieces that move are virtually indestructible.

The look like they are made out of that hard, splintery plastic.

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