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Fortunately Capsela is still alive:


Thanks, came here to ask if this still exists. No children but I'm probably going to buy a set. Mainly because of the floating devices: I used to have close to the entire range of Lego Technics, but there was none of the things which could float.

I read the comments to see if anyone had posted this yet. I Had a few small sets of Capsela when I was a kid and by far the most fun was making watercraft. I will forewarn anyone, especially those with kids, that if you let them play with Capsela in the bath -- with soap and dirt and grime and whatever else -- they will get nasty and perhaps unrecoverably ... maligned.

Yeah, I think that's what killed mine for good. The floating things are cool, but don't use them with the electrical pieces!

Technic pieces won't float because they have no internal air pockets, but Lego has produced quite a few boat sets with floating hull pieces. Here's a list: http://brickset.com/sets/list-5930

I would imagine that you could also make a floating contraption with enough bricks stuck together in such a way as to make the internal spaces airtight, but I've never tried it.

Wow expensive.

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