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Wow, it's going for $3,115.00 (+ $3.99 shipping & handling) on Amazon. Put this next to Sled Driver on my list of books to buy when I win the lottery.

Would you happen to have a copy of a similarly priced-out book, "How to Avoid Huge Ships"?


Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle.

Seems the bots are getting damn creative. Perused the first few pdf links and they were all "spam" pages in PDF form, with embedded download links i don't dear follow.

Isn't algorithmic pricing fun?

Worldcat indicates that the book is available from various libraries: https://www.worldcat.org/title/ignition-an-informal-history-...

I can't help but link to a classic fight between two algorithmic book bots: http://www.michaeleisen.org/blog/?p=358

While fun to watch on Amazon, this is a cruder version of what HFT does on the stock market.

Sure, but Amazon pricing is more amusing: the results are visibly and clearly absurd. HFT done right is much subtler.

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