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Not compatible with Rails 3.2.x, for those still on that version. (And possibly will never be, as 3.2.x only receives security updates now.)

What is the nature of the incompatibility?

One change is that test/unit is now no longer part of the standard library, which Rails requires. The workaround is simple, "test-unit" must be added to the Gemfile.

A less easily fixed change is that the following syntax no longer works the same as it did in previous versions of Ruby:

    def foo(bar = bar)
The recommended fix is the following: (I believe)

    def foo(bar = bar())
Rails uses this syntax occasionally. It's simple to change, but the Rails team refuses to merge in the fixes because it's not a security issue.

Wow that's too bad.

Do you know if the Rails team would approve a patch that was submitted?

Also, the change of the meaning of the right bar in your example above seems significant. Do you happen to know of any context for that change?

In case you weren't aware: https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/18160

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