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Non-mobile version has readable font size and color.


Thank you!

That link just redirected to the mobile version on my Galaxy Note 3, but you reminded me to try the "Request desktop site" option which worked fine.

It's funny that the mobile site is completely unreadable on a mobile device, where the desktop version formats cleanly on mobile and is much easier to read!

Holy crap, thank you. The article linked by OP was hurting my eyes. Who creates a website where the body has no margin? And light-gray text on a white background? What were they thinking?

Lack of margin actually helps readability on older mobile devices. Not sure why they'd go with those colors, though.

I would recommend my tool which have a readable view.


This redirects to the mobile version for me :|

I use Firefox with Noscript. To see the desktop version I had to 'temporarily allow all this page' in the Noscript options.

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