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One way to find code worth reading is to select inspiring developers and look at their code. Most of the developers in "Coders At Work" for example, have Open Source code we can look at learn from.

The best code I've seen: -

Common Lisp - "Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming" by Peter Norvig and "On Lisp" by Paul Graham

C - "C Interfaces and Implementations" and "LCC- a compiler for ANSI C" both by David Hanson. I also found the code for the Player/Stage robotic sim framework surprisingly readable.

I liked the Scala Actors library code as well.

If any HNers know any great codebases in Haskell or Erlang, please post here.

For haskell I would recommend Xmonad. The code is short, lots of interesting functionality including a well written plug-in system.


Xmonad is nice code indeed. For an introduction to a piece of it, check out Simon Peyton Jones's talk at OSCON 2007 - he uses Xmonad code as an introduction to Haskell, which gives you a taste of how the program is constructed.

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