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Show HN: Orthogami – Turn voxel models into foldable papercraft (github.com)
49 points by 33a on Dec 25, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Fun! I've been working on a similar free software project to unfold generic STL files for laser cutting: https://github.com/osresearch/papercraft

The problem is that most models on thingiverse produce designs that are very, very difficult to fold up. Even low-poly things (like the Stanford Bunny) are almost impossible.

Not open source, but a popular piece of software for converting 3d models to paper:


Cool! I will try to draw something with this builder[0]

[0] http://voxelbuilder.com/

Awesome! Do you have a picture of the fully-built Mario?

This is basically magic to me. Really cool.

Really cool!

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