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Dear God, that Homejoy job posting is terrible. Just completely tone deaf.

> right now i’m taking a quick break and after a quick lap around the office, i notice actually many more people here. i wonder — how am i so fortunate to be the ceo of a startup where people are so driven?

I dunno, maybe the people noticed that the CEO is at work on Christmas Eve and fear that if they aren't there too they'll be pigeonholed as slackers?

Leaders lead by example. If you, the CEO, are sitting in the office on Christmas Eve, you won't have to tell people they're expected to come in. They'll observe your behavior and come to that conclusion for themselves.

And it's so much worse than that because not only did the CEO work Christmas Eve, not only did they publicly name who was there (and therefore who wasn't), they used it as an advertisement about why you'd want to work there! It's just unspeakably warped; it is like the "Free Stress Test" that the Scientologists offer on the street: it's a way for those who wish to join a cult to self-identify.

In contrast, a quote I ran across today[1] about Fairchild Semiconductor, a startup that actually did the change world:

Most of the founders were married, busy starting their families and raising small children in addition to all the time and effort they were spending building Fairchild ... I am struck by what a remarkable time it was and what innovative opportunities.

Somehow, I don't think the same will ever be written of Homejoy...

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traitorous_eight

Personally I'm suspicious of this so-called "internal tool i've built to increase transparency and communication".

Not to be a huge ass, but the lack of using capital letters, while proving the shift key does in fact function (@, % both featured in posting) only further solidifies the idea I had in my head that this is a crazy person posting. Not a fun, quirky, startup CEO kind of crazy, but more the delusional, oblivious type of crazy.

I feel exactly the same way. I can't stand it. It's not as if it takes noticeably more effort to press shift.

Furthermore, typing like that will actually take extra effort on mobile devices which automatically capitalize after periods. It's displeasing typography that does not parse well. It is like a constant distraction in every sentence that deflects my attention away from the author's message.

maybe he is channeling e.e. cummings :)

(she, but thanks for playing)

Oops. Thanks!

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