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Dear Future Homejoy Engineer
on Dec 25, 2014 | hide
dear future homejoy engineer,

so it's xmas eve and i'm in the office with several other folks who didn’t have plans for xmas either. everyone is cranking away. we’ve decided to watch the interview later and then get dinner and drinks together.

personally i'm fixing bugs and adding features to an internal tool i've built to increase transparency and communication. mark, our vp of engineering, is mulling over some scaling project. chris is putting the finishing touches on the app that all our service providers use to get jobs everyday. dima is messing around with an algorithm that’ll predict our future service level capabilities. ankit is iterating on our payments infrastructure. sid is revamping some of our cs tools. ratih is re-configuring her data dumps to match our recent metrics migration. she’s also the one playing the pop music. i think i just heard britney spears.

right now i’m taking a quick break and after a quick lap around the office, i notice actually many more people here. i wonder — how am i so fortunate to be the ceo of a startup where people are so driven? don't get me wrong, many other homejoy folks are back home celebrating a proper xmas with family as they should definitely do! but for others, they could be doing something else on xmas eve and xmas. yet they chose to work on making homejoy better.

i can't be 100% sure but i think people choose to work here because they believe homejoy is not just another cool startup; it’s a mission; it's a passion. we're building things that enable and will change the way people live and work. this is not an overnight venture; we know it'll take a long time, and we’re all committed to it.

given the holidays, my calendar is somewhat lean so if you're around the sf bay area before the new year and think homejoy might be a place for you, shoot me an email (adora@homejoy.com). would love to meet up and tell you more.

talk soon, adora

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