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Considering the amount of malware, spyware, marketing-ware, grab-all-your-phone-contacts-and-upload-them-to-our-server-ware on the marketplace these days, my bar is quite high and I'm happy for it to remain so.

For a new product/app, the onus is on the company creating it to explain why I would want/need their product. I'm not going to go around installing random things on my phone just to 'find out what it does'. I want at least some idea of what the app does before installing.

No compelling use-case? No download.

I would rather install an app, to see what permissions it needs, before assuming it needs anything. If an app does nothing without me logging in or giving them my contacts, then it probably does nothing.

There are many good reasons to be a late adopter, safety is one. I don't think they should optimize their landing page for late adopters.

Judging from the site I thought Plague would be a new take on Reddit. Where Reddit asks if you like or dislike a Meme (we need a new word). Plague asks if you want to slow down or speed up its spread. This difference should mean different content is surfaced.

No, but they should definitely optimise their landing page for first adopters, with the number one rule being tell people what your product does.

Late adopters will probably already know about the product before downloading it. It's the first adopters you need to provide the description for.

I see you trying to be cute about what your product/service is/does. I still don't know but now don't I care.

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