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This is kind of reinventing the wheel. If I want to hear things from people in my area, why can't I just walk outside and talk to them instead of using this app?

Such an odd response. How many people are waiting on your doorstep to inform you of information in your local area?

I don't think this app does information sharing any better than, say, twitter (far worse, imo) - but i find your response puzzling.

Since your issue is not of the quality of content (signal/noise), and instead that of locality.. that you believe you can just walk out of your door and get the same information this app provides - I ask you, can you? Can you walk out your door, and receive similar info to that of this app?

The range on the internet far exceeds most peoples doorstep. Mine for sure, at least.

To some, going outside and talking to people is an inconvenience and uncomfortable. Reinvention affords convenience, why rent a movie from iTunes when I can just walk the thirty minutes to my nearest DVD rental place? Why listen to a song immediately when instead I can wait for a CD to arrive in the post?

New ideas are always welcome; for even if they fail - they may inspire another.

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