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>There are times when geographic locality is the thing you want to filter on.

Which has nothing to do with actually being near said locality. I think filtering on geographic locations is great, but even greater is that ability to do so while remote. I can learn about events occurring in and around a specific area without actually being in that area. That's (part of) the beauty of the internet.

I disagree that it has nothing to do with it.

I'm way more likely to be interested in stuff happening near where I currently am than in some other arbitrary place.

Sure, sometimes it makes sense to be able to search elsewhere, but that makes things more complicated for marginal gains.

Yelp is a good example. Yes, I've used it to research food in other locations, but it would still be 95% as useful to me if the only thing it did was show me stuff that was nearby, since that's what I almost always use it for.

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