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AWS Will Give You Credit for Completing These EdX Courses (techcrunch.com)
130 points by devNoise on Dec 23, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

https://www.edx.org/AWS-activate is the source and it's a minimum $50 contribution for the requisite "verified" certificate.

"$1,000 in credit to spend on processor time and/or storage in Amazon’s cloud."

Amazon has been doing that for years. I was offered AWS credit when I took a machine learning course at Hacker Dojo a few years back.

The first one is always free.

What is the cost of a Verified Certificate for this course?

According to the pricing section of the Verified Certificate page, the minimum fee varies by course but I can't find a way to determine the minimum fee without an account.

After plenty of clicking around after logging in I found this page:


Which indicates the minimum fee is a $50 contribution.

It feels like edX could do much better in making that pricing information available before enrolling but perhaps their testing has indicated otherwise.

Is anyone here familiar with the quality of the course? Or taken the course?

Yeah, I was in a mid-2014 session. Really great content from MIT prof and they do a lot of case-studyish things with past MIT success stories which was pretty neat. Lots of focus on customer need and focus (don't service minivans if you're a Ferrari mechanic) which I thought was valuable.

Definitely one of the better quality MOOCs in terms of content and production values.

I'm absolutely going to sign up again and follow through given the incentives.

This is a flat $1000 credit, right? It's not a monthly credit? I think this is a pretty cool program but with Microsoft Bizspark you get $150 monthly credit on Azure for 3 years plus an MSDN subscription.

Either way, it's cool seeing Amazon offer this to people who are interested.

It's $1,000 in AWS credit valid for 2 years, not a monthly credit.


Are they trying to deter non-serious students in order to inflate their pass rate?

If they want people to take their certificates seriously, I guess it would be important for people to trust that the person listed actually earned it. The documentation may also improve later conversion to paid products as well avoid the same person passing the course multiple times with multiple AWS accounts to get more AWS credit.

No, this is for verified certificates. You can audit (and get graded) for free anonymously.

I've never had to do that for an edX course but then I've never paid for a verified certificate. It sounds as if they're using the verified certificate machinery here--which makes some sense given that you're receiving material AWS credit for successful completion.

(FYI, AWS gives $100 credits quite readily for on-line course takers in general.)

This is only for the 'verified' track only it seems, it seems they are trying to verify that the actual person who signs up is the one taking the tests.

Does anyone know if an existing AWS account would qualify for the credit? I haven't used mine in a while - mostly on DO right now - though I miss the services AWS provides, so this would definitely get me to migrate back.

According to the FAQ:

Whatever Account # you provide to edX is the one that will be associated with the credit.

Signed up, I think that it will be well worth the time even though I am much more of a programmer than a business person.

Am I the only one not finding how much the verified certificate cost? It says that it has a minimum fee, but it doesn't say how much it is

Since no one seems to have answered you, it is a minimum "donation" of $50.

Related, Google gives you $500 in cloud credit when you take their java scaling course for free: https://www.udacity.com/course/ud859

Also related though not as good as cloud credit. Facebook gives you $500 in ad credit & other companies bundle some stuff too: http://fbstart.com/

You can also get $100 in DigitalOcean credit here: https://education.github.com/pack

I think the course is not free $199/mo

You can "access course materials" (using the blue button) for free and still receive the google credit, as I did. The paid tier gives you tutoring and a certificate.

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