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Won't that simply lead to cycles of cram-reguretate-forget? Real understanding comes from seeing how that thing you learnt last year connects to that thing you learnt last week connects to that thing you learnt in that other class.

There would be reassessment of the same content many times in the following weeks/months/years.

This seems to imply giving purely multiple choice computer graded (and possibly even computer generated) tests. Otherwise each school would have to have a small army of teacher doing nothing be creating and marking hundreds of tests every week. I'm very much of the opinion these types of tests can only test a very small subset of knowledge and don't give very useful feedback. Going back to my original example, how would you usefully phrase something like "What where some of the root causes of the start of World War I" as a series of multiple choice questions? Given that the important part of the question is not to get the answer 'right', but to pick a handful possible causes and successfully argue for them.

Even in something like math which is probably the subject best suited for multiple choice, it is still a poor option since seeing the steps the student choses to try to answer the question are often more important and more illuminating than whether or not they get the answer right.

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