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I don't think he is saying people should be forced into school if they don't graduate by 18. just that they can't graduate (get a diploma) until they actually learn all the material.

Isn't that true today? Surely you won't get your diploma unless you get minimum necessary grades on the necessary exams.

Sure, but unfortunately the minimum necessary grade is currently a 50% "just managed to cram in enough rote learning in the final week to scrape by" pass mark.

50% and 100% obviously don't mean anything by themselves.

You can have a minimum of 50% and still have kinds know 10 times more than what a minimum of 100% course has them. 50% of an advanced course is better than 100% of a course for idiots.

It's all about the breadth and deepness of the material, not some arbitrary mark on it, like 50%.


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