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Announcing iOS and Android Support (circleci.com)
39 points by kabell on Dec 17, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 23 comments

Does CircleCI supports only private git repos from GitHub?

I've only seen GitHub mentioned in the docs but I host my private git repos on my own server (using this http://gogs.io).

If so, are there any plans for other tools like BitBucket, GitLab or any standard git repository?

We have support for other flavors of Git on the roadmap, but for now we are focusing on providing the best possible experience with (public and private) GitHub repos.

Would love to see the API support a POST for creating a new build and passing in the project code (or slug url). This would enable the other git providers (Gitlab, BitBucket, Gogs, etc) and 3rd party services/frameworks (e.g. Factor.io) to provide the integration.

We do have an API that supports triggering builds with a POST request, passing in custom parameters, etc. The bigger issue is that we strive for a really rich integration between us and GitHub. For example, we support their status API, link back to PRs/commits from our build page, etc. It's a lot more than just triggering builds.

We do have support for other services planned, but we are focused on the GitHub experience for now.

Ok, I understand that, and thanks for the quick response!

Sorry for the shameless self advertisement (I'm the CTO) but AFAIK at the moment http://www.bitrise.io/ is the only hosted mobile CI/CD service which supports custom git hosting setup (including self hosted). I'm actually curious if you know about any other service.

How are you dealing with the XCode 6 bug where iOS Simulator can't be used for tests over SSH sessions? We're using Java Web Start with Jenkins, I've read others using LaunchAgents with mixed success. Also, what versions of iOS Simulator are you supporting? I looked here (https://circleci.com/docs/configuration) in the docs, but I'm not seeing anything for iOS.

We use the LaunchAgent approach. A separate sshd that's spawned there for the build user.

We originally tried with named pipes (a process via LaunchAgent), but it made it much harder for our customers to modify the build command without understanding our secret incantations.

As far as SDKs, we have 7.0, 7.1, and 8.0. Thanks for highlighting that the docs are missing that!

Does this require a logged in user? how does it handle multiple users per mac (if I have multiple silos using different credentials)

Yes, a LaunchAgent based solution requires a logged in user because the iOS Simulator requires an actual GUI context. We (at Bitrise) experimented with a lot of solution and configuration but couldn't find a solution where you don't have to log in with the user on the GUI.

Btw you can find our solution on GitHub, might be helpful if you plan to do something similar: https://github.com/bitrise-io/xcodebuild-unittest-miniserver

thank you.

I've been in their private beta for a week or so and this is cool, especially with their recent revamp of their pricing.

Probably this is not the right place, but do you know if it’s possible to run completely different environments on Circle CI? I have cross-platform Titanium SDK tests, and I’d like to run both of them in CI. That means that the machin must be able to run both Android prjs and iOS ones.

Do you know if it’s possible?

Do you mean you need to run iOS- and Android-based tests all at once on the same machine? You have Homebrew, sudo, etc at your fingertips in our OSX VMs, so you should be able to setup anything you need there. If you just need to run iOS and Android tests in separate projects, then that's very easy--we have a lot of customers already doing that. Ping us at sayhi@circleci.com if you have more specific questions and we will make sure you can get things working.

Oh… that means that I’ll have to install all by myself. Android-oriented pre-built machines look easy to work with. And I can do that with Travis already.

Thank you so much for your answer, great to talk to you directly!

To be clear, we have both Android-oriented Linux containers and iOS-oriented OSX VMs already. Using a mix of OSX VMs and Linux containers in a single build is also on the roadmap. Definitely reach out to us if you have any more specific questions!

Isn't setting up two separate projects (one for iOS on OS X and one for Android on Linux) a solution for your problem? That way you could test the two configuration separately and in parallel.

The announcement says that android builds run on linux and iOS builds run on MacOS, so sounds like no.

Does anybody has experience with Open Source repos with them? I'm using TavisCI right now, but sometimes it takes so long to kick in a new build

Just a reminder, all OSS projects get 3 free containers on CircleCI (which means up to 3x parallelism), and they all run in fast Linux containers (with sudo enabled).

Full disclosure: I work for CircleCI.

Been testing it for the last three weeks. moved our jenkins to circleci - saved me so much time

Will there be RubyMotion iOS & Android CI support?

We should have all the pieces necessary to support it. Ping us at sayhi@circleci.com and we'll be happy to work with you to make sure it works smoothly.

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