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That looks really interesting, and I'd love to run it on my own projects. I'm curious though, why do you think you need to make it a web service? And why tie it to github? I would like to run it on a local git repository and output the results into a local file. That seems like a good small program.

It's not really tied to github. If you look at the source[1] it's just a `git clone` wrapped in a shell script.

[1]: https://github.com/armish/evsrc/blob/master/scripts/evSource...

I'd also like to run this on our software, but being a web service tied to GitHub kills it for me.

right now, it is not really tied to GitHub; but only expects you to give a git repository URL. Coupling it GitHub will allow more information on the system, for example knowledge on commits that resolve issues on the tracker. That is a long-term goal of this project.

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