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What are the reference of the books you are talking about ? Is it this two ones : http://www.amazon.fr/Effective-Modern-Specific-Ways-Improve-...


Note that they are both quite expensive. I am a student and it is not nothing to pay for this books.

I am talking about Effective C++, More effective C++ and Effective STL by Meyers and The C++ programming language by Stroustrup.

Effective Modern C++ is about the new C++11 and C++14 standards. I am reading it now, looks good so far.

If you can get one thing, maybe Stroustrup's book would be the best choice, but make sure you get the latest edition which includes C++11. Note that amazon.fr has the kindle versions at significant discount (there's also a bundle of Meyers' first three books) if you are ok with their DRM.

I remember being a student and not having a big budget for books. Now I have a small apartment, and no space to put the books I have.

Abe Books ( http://www.abebooks.com/ ) provides a good place to look for used copies of books. A significant portion of the books in my library have stamps on the pages indicating that they were discarded from really nice institutions.

Of course there are always free-to-read blogs, but unfortunately, good C++ blogs are harder to find than other, newer language blogs.

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