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My guess is that the majority of complaints Amazon gets about hyphenation in ebooks are due to poorly converted ebooks, where line-breaking hyphens from a print-formatted source file have accidentally made their way into the ebook. Amazon support is generally not set up spend more than 5 seconds looking at your email, so I surmise that they've filed it into the "yeah fix your ebook hyphens" category and are not reading carefully enough to realize that they've misfiled it.

Yet somehow they didn't pull A Dance With Dragons, which had appalling hyphenation in the original release.

You're blaming them for giving different treatment to an author who's at least a million times more important to their business?

I would expect more scrutiny of blatant formatting mistakes in a high profile release.

Or, in the time-constrained-support-worker model, a high profile release just means that they trust the publisher's quality control, and won't flag it for review as quickly as self-published content (which is highly variable in quality).

It's a poor QC process, not a stylistic or editorial review.

Yes. That's probably why he's beating up on Amazon....because they're picking on the little guys while ignoring the big ones.

Nice combattive metaphors, but this is just too silly to engage with.

EDIT: Downvotes, but I'm sorry, I don't WANT to explain how it makes sense to expend more time and money on customers and suppliers that are a _million_ times more valuable to one's business.

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