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And this is why we used to deal with monopolies so harshly. Alas. I wonder when our country will start working in the citizens' favour?

Huh? This has nothing to do with monopolies and everything to do with the volume of crap e-books that Amazon is wading through. Unfortunately, the OP happened to get caught up in one of Amazons filters and their first level CS is clueless.

Monopoly or not, this is a hard problem and one that we see in other places like Google search or Apple's app store. Gaming the systems have become big business, and the little guy ends up being a casualty in the overall war.

When they force authors to publish in non-DRM encumbered formats that all readers can read like ePub or Mobipocket?

Amazon doesn't "force" DRM on anybody. It's a checkbox in the publishing portal.

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