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How to lose $6,537 and create a product nobody wants (ryrob.com)
18 points by brentchow on Dec 12, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Why out an NFL player buying your equipment to facilitate illegal activity directly prohibited by his profession's collective bargaining agreement?

It may not be for illegal activity but showing a specific customers purchases for the sake of a blog post is a terrible business practice. I'd never buy anything from this person.

Totally agree. I just don't think buying this product automatically correlates to illegal activity. It's not a bong or a pipe. It's a plastic box.

Who says Troy is using it for illegal purposes? He could be using it to hold his...chewing gum.

Or maybe he can't afford a real iPhone and this is how he keeps up appearances.

> I shipped a sample to each of those 2 factories, but never heard back from them (never do this).

I wish he'd gone into more detail about why this should not be done.

Hey Pavel! I updated the post with a more in-depth explanation, you can check out the details right below that paragraph in the post.


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