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Recent Train Times (recenttraintimes.co.uk)
59 points by annapowellsmith on Dec 11, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 23 comments

Anna, is this one of yours? It's very impressive (and confirms most commutes I or friends are doing are screwed during rush hour).

We're wondering what "RT" stands for on the tables when the trains are on time, "Regular Time"?

Just discovered one of your sites too http://lookgood.in/shoes/ . Fairly sure my partner is going to be spending a good chunk of time on there later, glad to see you have it wired up for affiliate fees. If you think of expanding outside of clothing I'm sure a bicycle one would work well and the higher ticket item should deliver a better affiliate revenue per item sold. Happy to assist marketing to lfgss.com and a few other audiences at it if you do want to consider it and can obtain the data for it.

Thanks for the suggestion! No, it's not mine - I don't know who runs it. Just thought it was a great use of data.

I know Gianfranco (twitter.com/giacecco) has been working on something similar.

"RT" stands for Right Time where the railway is concerned.

Thank you.

Not to berate this service (I think it's a cool use of the data), but I have difficulty perceiving its value. I see this saving you ~15 minutes if there's a delay. A big deal if you have an interview or business meeting, but does it matter much otherwise?

I'm probably in the minority (especially in London), but in most cases punctuality is not something I stress about, whether I'm doing the travelling or someone else is. Disclaimer: I was raised on island time.

I work a bit out of town, in Walton-on-Thames, and need to make a connection in Woking each evening. Four minutes late adds thirty minutes to my journey, and seeing which trains are routinely late, day after day after fucking day, despite the fact that there are effectively no trains on the track ahead of it (this section of track has four lines, two fast and two slow, so the slow train pretty much has the line to itself) is massively valuable.

At the very least it clarifies with actual metrics how terrible the service is.

I wonder if I might suggest a 'refund claim due to late service' filter?

Think the idea here is to highlight how punctual (or not) certain trains are over the last few weeks, and enable you to avoid those regularly delayed trains.

It's not meant too identify individual train journeys that were late; Having a filter suggested would only work for trains that were >30mins late / cancelled, which is going to be exceptional and therefore not very useful for the main purpose of the site.

There is an equivalent for french trains here, based on whatever data they have. They're trying to integrate other countries' data as well. Maybe you should try to integrate with them ?


An excellent use of their data, thank you! You have saved me an average 6 minutes a day

I have long dreamed of something like this being available for other localities. This is a great idea, a great implementation, and I hope it will spread.

Anyone want to make one for Toronto streetcars and buses?

I know of a similar site for Czech Republic that has been around for ages[0].

You can see historic delays at different train stops[1], but the map is really where it shines, seeing patterns for trains running now.

[0] http://kam.mff.cuni.cz/~babilon/zpmapa#mapa [1] http://kam.mff.cuni.cz/~babilon/cgi-bin/zpvlaku.cgi?869

Thanks for that!

"No stations match 'london kings cross'"

The station's correct name is "Kings Cross", not "London Kings Cross" (unlike say Paddington which is actually "London Paddington"

I went with what I have to type into National Rail Enquries where it's London Kings Cross and London Liverpool Street and etc etc. Knowing it took the data from NationalRail, this seemed the obvious approach.

That is probably application logic to help users out, the raw data set of train stations lists the official names only.

I typed in 'WAT' expecting it to match Waterloo (it didn't).

I got Waterloo by typing WAT, it's listed as Waterloo and not London Waterloo

On a similar minor note, it would be nice to have exact matches to the 3 letter station codes appear at the top of the list, as they do on 'official' sites.

This is a great site though and potentially very useful, great job!

Brilliant - I wish I had thought of this... Seems accurate too based on my recent experience.

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