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A VirtualBox disk, for those on OS X or other systems without kvm support - https://hostr.co/1mw2Hg3JIvJi

Or if you want to do it yourself:

1) brew install qemu # and prepare to wait!

2) qemu-img convert -O raw ubuntu-core-alpha-01.img ubuntu-core-alpha-01.raw

3) VBoxManage convertfromraw ubuntu-core-alpha-01.raw ubuntu-core-alpha-01.vdi

And finally, a Vagrant box! https://atlas.hashicorp.com/duggan/boxes/ubuntu-core-alpha

(Guest additions was trickier than usual).

You can also convert to vmdk (for VMware):

qemu-img convert -f raw -O vmdk ubuntu-core-alpha-01.img ubuntu-core-alpha-01.vmdk

The vmdk probably makes more sense, since it works with VirtualBox too.

https://hostr.co/86EDIcFMF7QH for the lazy ;)

Thanks ! :-)

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