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How We Earned $10,120 in 30 Days by Sending Horse Poop to People (shitexpress.com)
15 points by gk1 on Dec 6, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

As an aside, I worked as a money broker during the 80's. When the market was quiet it was quite common to 'trade' other items. I remember my boss receiving delivery of 5,000 dildos, 15,000 cream eggs etc. The most expensive item I personally traded was a bucket of rhino poo @ about £2500. A few beers and £50 secured delivery from a keeper at London Zoo. The tube ride was however a bit awkward.

You definitely uncovered genuine niche market. Does it scale? I.e. do you offer franchising opportunities for horse farms?

Maybe extend the offer to other kinds of poop? There was a man which had some experiences with this niche: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artist's_Shit

That is expensive sh#t

I don't understand - why would someone order this? shock value? curiosity? annoying others (sending it to friends etc)?

"Shit start-ups do."

Is your product organic, glutton free, kosher, and Eco/fair trade/fair wages friendly?

My partner and I are interested in purchasing large quantities for a successful niche German adult video venture we founded, but wouldn't want to degrade our performers by using anything less than premium feces.

Thank you.

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