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>> Err, the other guy got sick and died.

So what? Should one's opinion towards another person change when he/she dies?

>> Woz is not the type to be "politically correct".

Everyone is, to an extent. That's why I used 'may be', because a lot of people who weren't, learn it. I'm not saying it's bad.

>So what? Should one's opinion towards another person change when he/she dies?

For people from Vulcan it's usually difficult to explain this, because the logical answer is no.

In real life though, one's opinion towards another person can and DOES change when he/she dies.

Plus, since you're being logical and all, we were discussing whether Woz changed opinion on Jobs, not whether he SHOULD HAVE changed. So the philosophical question "So what? Should one's opinion change...?", etc, doesn't apply to my response. I didn't say it should change (a moral judgement), I just listed the fact that Jobs died as one of three possible factors that might have changed Woz's opinion of him (an estimation of what might happened).

But, to answer that too, yes, I think changing opinion about someone when he/she dies it not that bad, and it actually makes sense. Not in all cases, but in some cases sure.

Death gives closure to the persons life story and makes you able to see it in perspective. It also makes you think of stuff that you are less trivial than the ones a lot of people focus on when the other person is alive (e.g. petty grudges).

Your question assumes the person that dies was in the wrong, and the person that lives should continue to have the same opinion on him. But the other person dying also triggers a re-evaluation of whether our judgement of them was correct or not. How many people regret not being nicer to their father or their spouse when they die, understanding that some things that seemed unsurmountable in separating were actually BS compared to those that should unite them?

Great response. I lol'd at the people from Vulcan bit. Your points about the change of perspective death offers are very true and insightful.

I have nothing to add other than I really enjoyed reading this and felt compelled to comment. It upped my mood :) Keep up the positive outlook (sometimes rare on this site) and have a great day.

I'd try not to confuse, how people should behave logically with how they actually behave.


Plus "how should behave logically" can also be illogical. We assume too much when we think of the ideal "logical" stance on things.

E.g. in the case of someone dying, the idea that "this should not change our opinion of them" assumes that our opinion of them is correct, and ignores that faced with larger life issues like mortality we might re-evaluate our opinion of the other in a more solid ground.

E.g. he did so and so and so for me, whereas I hated him all these years for BS reasons.

Very well put.

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