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Gee, it's almost as if the dangers of elemental lead poisoning have been exaggerated, or something.

Of course, it's much easier to downvote than to explain the apparent logical dissonance at work.

There's no dissonance, only scads of evidence suggesting lead is dangerous, and no evidence from you to the contrary.

Same as if I said to you, "Open your eyes the sun clearly orbits the Earth!". You'd either ask for proof, or shake your head and laugh.

It's not my place to provide evidence, as I'm not the one making a positive assertion. It'd be nice if someone has done formal research on lead levels in electronics workers, but I've never seen anything like that posted, just a lot of scaremongering and ill-informed legislation.

Edit: you do realize what the term elemental lead refers to, correct? Here's another complex multi-syllable word that's worth of study by HN moderators: bioavailability.

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