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This is great - I've wanted something like this in a while. Piste Maps are a massive distortion of reality to the extent that you sometimes aren't sure which direction you're meant to go down the run. Or at least I'm not, I find them very confusing. A proper 3D representation is much easier.

What would be great is this data available in a mobile app, with no internet connection required (because even though 3G coverage is good, for a lot of Europeans when you're skiing you're usually on holiday and so roaming). Then I might actually be able to find my way around.

Where does the data come from? Is it manually entered from the Piste Map?

Technically it should work on mobile, as long as they support WebGL, which for example iOS8 devices mostly do. That said, the current version, was built with desktop in mind. As such, the experience will likely not be great on mobile, and the UX will definitely need tweaking to work better there.

The data comes from the EU-DEM project, with the pistes extracted from OSM.

OsmAnd should work for you. It's just a regular 2d map (though it can do topo lines & hill shading). As long as you have a GPS signal you should be able to find where you are relative to where the run is on OpenStreetMap.

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