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The controls became unresponsive a few times while I was viewing the panorama mode. I'm not complaining, as this is probably more a result of my browser than of the site.

I do have a minor constructive criticism however. When in panorama mode, there's a lot of up-down-up-down action, at least on parts of the Zugspitze. I'm guessing the camera is just tracing the contours of the mountains, but on rough terrain, it's a bit motion-sickness-inducing. A bit of smoothing of the camera's path would go a long way. I think a steadicam shot from a helicopter is everyone's real-world point of reference for something like this. Mimicing that might go a long way.

Anyway, amazing work. I hope to see some North American mountains in future releases.

Which browser were you using? Was it Safari by any chance?

Thanks for the feedback on the camera movement, there is some smoothing, but it is on a much smaller scale. I originally did have a helicopter steady-cam style camera for the panorama, but switched to following the terrain to make for more dramatic camera movements. But if it makes people sick, I guess this is a bit of an own goal...

US resorts are coming, just need to process the data.

As a matter of fact, it was Safari!

I do like following the terrain; it's just a bit much at a few points during the panorama. It's 90% perfect. Maybe you could split the difference between terrain and helicopter.

Any plans to add non-resort mountains?

While I'm throwing out feature requests, it would be really cool to see the surrounding terrain from certain points on the mountain. I'd love to see what a skier sees from the top of the mountain.

Yes in Safari I've sometime found that even though I'm using requestAnimationFrame, if the WebGL stuff gets too heavy, mouse events stop working on the page itself.

Definitely not against adding non-resort locations, if there's a good reason. Ping any suggestions to @pisteio. Crater Lake is one I'd like to add once I've got the US working.

Entering ski-mode let's you kind of achieve what you describe, although you are not stationary - I like the idea of lookout points

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