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Re: basics, here is one of the least efficient texture synthesis algorithms, but is detailed, an excellent starting place for beginners, and produces very high quality texture synthesis: http://graphics.cs.cmu.edu/people/efros/research/NPS/alg.htm...

That is from my favorite texture synthesis paper of all (Efros & Leung '99), for these reasons:

- I know Efros, and he's a genius, and also an absolutely adorable human being.

- This paper was inspired by Markov text generators, its the two-dimensional equivalent, e.g., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_V_Shaney. Its very simple, produces great results, - AND - this texture synthesis algorithm will synthesize written text from a picture of written text. Almost none of the faster texture synthesis algorithms do this, and it seems meta; I like to think there is some deep fundamental truth hiding in there somewhere.

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