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Firebug 3 and Multiprocess Firefox (hacks.mozilla.org)
116 points by bpierre on Dec 3, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 24 comments

Firefox own developer tools won't log ajax calls in console. Firebug does. This and the fact that you need to open the settings tab to enable preserve log are my problems with Firefox tools keeping me on firebug.

I agree, that's the single feature that's always kept me loyal to Firebug. There's a bug open on that at: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=972655

I'm attempting to find time to assist with it, but haven't thus far. Perhaps throwing it out here will bring in additional assistance

AFAIK, the built-in developer tools in FFox > v33 log ajax calls now.

Personally I've switched back to dev tools in the developer edition, mostly because the ability to see which elements have events attached from the markup view is very useful.

I'm aware of that but it logs everything without a way to filter (unlike the network tab)

Hmm. What's the use case for ajax calls in the console instead of just switching to the network tab? Convenience?

Yeah. Why make people switch? Almost every app does ajax calls, so it's very useful to have that information there for almost every developer.

yes convenience, saves time switching back and forth. chrome didn't have this feature either but they recently added it (even though not as good as firebug's since when you click on the entry in the console it takes you to the network panel and hightlights the entry rather than opening it up automatically)

Firefox dev tools most certainly do log ajax calls to the console. I just tested it in 34.0.5…

I am on v35 and it doesn't. It allows you to log all network events which fills up the console.

Hit the little arrow next to it. You can select Errors, Warnings, and Log. Log makes xhr network requests show up in the console (just like the network tab). I don't know what you mean by "fills up the console".

what version are you on? I'm on 34.0, and they show up in the network tab.

Network tab isn't the console though

i am curious, what is the advantage of using Firebug instead of the built-in developer tools?

One advantage is that there are plugins, like YSlow from Yahoo, that are available for Firebug. Though the article notes that plugins don't currently work with the Firebug 3 alpha.

YSlow is pretty useful, both as a developer and when attempting to demonstrate potential problems with a site's performance to others in an objective way.

Besides: a plugin with its own plugins is just cool.

I think Firefox Dev Tools may have reached parity with Firebug. Up until recently (~3 months), Firebug was superior in network, more informative in console when using console.log for objects, resizing, etc. Still, Firebug does have add-ons

Firefox Dev Tools still has some gigantic bugs that make it unusable for a lot of scenarios. For example, it doesn't show evaled code in the debugger. Which means anything that dynamically creates code (common in development) can't be debugged. Shumway (the Firefox flash compiler) for example.

That's fixed in Firefox 36, which will be released to the Developer Edition channel this Friday. (You can test it on the Nightly channel now.)




Believe me I've been following this issue closely for a long time and know the status. While the large work that was needed has been done, it hasn't been fixed completely. In my case I get evaled items to show up but they 1) don't have actual names just foo.js -> eval and 2) don't have the actual source shown. I think this might be the issue that is blocking me: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=833744

So while this is "on the road" to being fixed, it's not fixed completely.

You can give scripts names using the sourceURL pragma: http://fitzgeraldnick.com/weblog/59/

And I'm not sure what you mean about the source. I see the correct source when I debug evaled scripts in Firefox Nightly.

Using both is sort of needed at the moment. Firebug for example doesn't do source maps. Also, firebug is too slow for some pages I've worked on. But of course firebug does some things better still.

I use a number of plugins in firebug like YSlow and FireLogger that unfortunately don't work with the default Firefox developer tools.

I honestly wish they did since there are very few features I would miss from Firebug itself but the plugins add very useful features.

Firebug is basically built to extend default FF dev tool capabilities. Its comparable to running chrome nightlies.

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